My Story



My name is Anja Kolenc and I’m a professional make-up artist. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved doing make-up and through the years I was able to perfect my skills with classes at home and abroad. I draw inspiration from vivid colors, nature, geometry… In addition to strong, intensive colors and bold lines in make-up, I also adore a more elegant and understated make-up.

That’s why I love GARNETT watches, with their sophisticated and elegant style. The Amelie Rose Gold watch goes well with any make-up style while Amelie Ocean Blue is my go-to watch to wear in sunny summer days.


Music is my life! I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. My dream was always to become a professional singer and I was able to fulfill this dream with the help of my professors and my mentor at the Academy of Music in Belgrade, where I graduated as a solo singer. The stage is where I really come to life, standing under the limelight and accompanied by a piano and orchestra. It allows me to make a genuine connection with the audience. I also love helping and working with young artists, marveling at their progress and achievements.

In addition to music, I love all things beautiful. I always make sure I’m dressed perfectly and of course that also means choosing the right fashion accessories, like the beautiful GARNETT watches. My Amelie Rose New York watch is the perfect accessory that gives me that elegant and refined look, both in everyday life and on stage.